Three Reasons to Consider Spine Surgery


Three Reasons to Consider Spine Surgery

If you struggle with back pain, then you may be considering a procedure for acute and chronic back problems, surgery is typically not the first line of treatment. From physical therapy to medication management, most back problems are treated conservatively. However, when those treatments fail to be effective, surgical intervention is warranted.

If you’ve been recommended for spine procedures, then you may be wondering why you should consider this. These are the primary reasons why you should consider spine surgery.

1. Take Pressure Off Nerves

Some conditions such as a disc herniation or spinal stenosis can compress the nerves in the spinal column. This may lead to pain, weakness, and other more severe symptoms. Spinal surgery is usually needed in order to prevent permanent problems and pain. This can be accomplished though a consult and procedure. However, once the pressure is gone, most people will feel much better and have an improved quality of life.

2. Stabilizing an Unstable Spine

A spine that is not stable simply means that the spine cannot naturally maintain is form under normal conditions. A healthy spine not only provides structure to your body but also protects it. However, an unstable spine cannot hold together the ligaments, muscles, and discs to provide these functions. An unstable spine may be present if you have a fracture and sometimes even a severe disc injury. Typically surgery is required if symptoms are progressive and you are unable to have relief from normal procedures. The typical treatment is a fusing of the spine to improve its stability.

3. Re-Aligning a Crooked Spine

Finally, some conditions such as scoliosis are going to affect the natural form of the spine. This can result in a variety of impairments. Scoliosis is typically managed conservatively through braces and physical therapy. However, when the condition is severe, surgical intervention is the next line of treatment. It can help to realign the spine and improve pain as well as quality of life.

Of course, other conditions may indicate spinal surgery but all of them are only recommended after a thorough evaluation by a surgeon. In general, surgery is not the first line of treatment but may provide significant results when other measures have failed. If you’re struggling with a back ailment, these are three reasons to consider spinal surgery. From improving quality of life to preventing further problems, spine problems should be treated seriously.