Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Which One is Right For You?


Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Which One is Right For You?

f you are considering a nose job, you should first know that there are two different types of rhinoplasty – 1) functional or reconstructive nose surgery and 2) cosmetic rhinoplasty. The first type consists of a surgical procedure, performed under general anesthesia. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can be performed both surgically and non-surgically (by injecting permanent filler). To learn about the difference between cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty, you can refer to an authoritative resource like robertkotlermd. com, the website of the reputable and highly experienced Beverly Hills rhinoplasty superspecialist Dr. Robert Kotler, MD, who also invented the Kotler Nasal Airway, an FDA-approved and patented device that improves nasal breathing post-operatively.

A non-surgical permanent nose job is obviously preferred by most patients who need or want to undergo rhinoplasty, but the non-invasive procedure is not recommended for every patient. Those who need rhinoplasty to correct any congenital abnormalities ( such as a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates that can interfere with nasal breathing) or structural defects of the nose caused by trauma ( such as nasal fractures) make good candidates for surgical rhinoplasty only. But rest assured that this surgical procedure can also be performed using internal incisions, according to robertkotlermd. com and because the incisions are done inside the nostrils, this nose surgery is called endonasal or closed rhinoplasty.

The main advantages of undergoing closed rhinoplasty are a faster, more comfortable recovery process and non-existent external scarring. Be advised that only the best plastic surgeons in the nation specialize in this challenging surgical technique. On the other hand, cosmetic rhinoplasty is indicated when you need nasal corrections for aesthetic purposes only. Unlike functional rhinoplasty, a cosmetic nose job can also be performed non-surgically, using micro-droplets of a permanent filler placed beneath the skin. Feel free to refer to robertkotlermd .com to learn about the different nasal imperfections that a non-surgical permanent nose job can correct.

The cost of permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty is typically 25% of the cost of surgical rhinoplasty, but keep in mind that the non-invasive procedure cannot alter the internal structures of the nose or make your nose smaller. if you are looking to have the imperfections or structural defects of your nose corrected via rhinoplasty, but you are not sure if a surgical or non-surgical nose job is the right treatment option for you, do not hesitate to set up a free virtual consultation via FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp with LA rhinoplasty expert and board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler by accessing their website and filling out the contact form or by calling 310-278-8721 today.