Double Duty Beauty the Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick & Gloss Top Color


Double Duty Beauty the Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick & Gloss Top Color

Smudged or smeared lipstick can ruin the carefully crafted look you spent an hour creating in front of the mirror just minutes or hours ago. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep that just-applied glow until you’re ready to remove it on your own terms.


Before you put any color on, make it a priority to get your mouth ready. First, exfoliate with a gentle sugar scrub to increase the circulation and remove any dry skin or old makeup that might have gotten caught in the creases of your lips. Then apply a rich balm to saturate your kisser with moisture.


For ladies with particularly dry lips or if you need to shield yourself against UV rays, consider applying a moisturizing primer. This will add another layer of protection, but keep in mind that it might also dull your color and cause it to slide off. Use your judgment based on your skin type and the environment in which you will be spending the day or night.


Although some people believe that lip liner is unnecessary, it is essential if you want a uniform, hydrating color that will not fade over the hours. Use your liner to thoroughly color the lips; don’t just use it on the outer edges. The result will be a waterproof foundation on which your lip color can be built.


Finally, the time has come to apply your actual color. Liquid lipsticks go on effortlessly and furnish your lips with an opaque beauty that lasts and lasts. Matte finishes are particularly durable even after you have had drinks or even given someone a smooch. Just apply your color, blot and reapply until you have the exact look you are seeking.


Powder helps to set your color in place, and it keeps it on your lips instead of on your cocktail glass or someone’s cheek. That being said, avoid this step if your lips tend to dry out.

When your lipstick is on point, you can be confident that your entire glamorous appearance is totally put together. The good news is that achieving this goal does not require a cosmetology degree. Best of all, you don’t need to keep making embarrassing runs to the bathroom to ensure that your pout is pretty and smudge-free. After all, you’re here to have fun with friends or with that special someone, not to spend your energy worrying about lip creases and smears.